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  4. Man pics up a BB gun fatman calls police saying a terrorist is in the store. Fatman later changes story.



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    POLICE BRUTALITY LED TO A FIRING & INDICTMENT, & WHY ALL POLICE NEED DASHCAM & BODY CAMERAS: South Carolina Police Officer Fired & Charged With Aggravated Assault After Shooting At African-American Man Five Times In Close Point Range After Stopping Him For A Seatbelt Violation & Asking For His License, The African-American Victim Thankfully Survived The Shooting

    As you can see, the shooting is followed by a macabre and surreal dialog between Groubert and Jones in which Jones asks Groubert why he shot him. Jones seems genuinely dumbfounded, in addition to (one presumes) a mixture of fear, shock and anger. Groubert comes off not so much as consciously malevolent as bumbling and almost ridiculous - a frightening example of someone who should not be a cop or have a firearm. (Groubert’s casefile has a series of citizen complaints against him.)

    Would Groubert have lost his badge and be facing charges had there not been a dashcam video revealing the reality of what happened? Let’s put that down as a rhetorical question.

    Jones survived the attack and is now out of the hospital and recuperating.

    Source: Josh Marshall for Talking Points Memo (NOTE: The above post originally appeared as an Editor’s Blog entry on the original website.


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    *That red stuff is what people still think economic reality is and the gray stuff is the actual reality.  Americans, not even in the contest

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    A California-based group has distributed and trained some Ferguson residents on how to use body cameras to record police.

    Copwatch raised more than $6,000 to purchase 110 of the small devices to give to residents over the weekend, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported (http://bit.ly/1uswQXx).


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