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    Here we go! Miley, Justin B, Trayvon. But privilege doesn’t exist…right?




    it bugs the fuck outta me that people are justifying trayvon’s murder due to pictures that portray him to be nothing more than a teenager. if trayvon wants to wear a grill, that doesn’t make him a thug just as it doesn’t make miley or justin a thug. if trayvon wants to smoke marijuana, other than it being illegal i see no harm. 90% of the people I know pose with fingers in pictures. Whether its middle fingers, thumb signs up, gang signs, or prayer hands. Get over it.

    you cannot justify someone’s murder because of the assumptions you make of his character through photos. would miley’s murder be justifiable? would justin’s murder be justifiable? probably not. 

    im in no way trying to throw miley or justin under the bus. just making a point that miley, justin, and trayvon all represent the modern day teenager whether you want to accept it or not. 

    You see, this is why I’m against white people appropriating Black culture. I don’t see white people like Miley and Justin being killed for appropriation of Black Culture, when Miley and Justin do it they’re “going through a phase”, “experimenting” or “just being Teenagers” but when Black men like Trayvon do it he’s a “thug” and a “threat”. People cannot tell me that this case was not about race because it was. - Grace

    Here’s another problem, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are both about the age of being minors. Many people still talk about them as if they are just young kids, and they are.

    But when we call Trayvon—who was a 17 year old minor—a child, people tell us to call him a man. Our children are never really viewed as children. Our children are never really viewed as human, unless they qualify their existence by becoming exceptional, by White America’s standards.

    Trayvon was just doing dumb stuff that teens do. He was just trying to find a place to fit in, to find his identity. Now, he’ll never find it. And he’ll never know that millions of people are affected by his death, and actually cry for him. 

    Please, people, keep in mind that this is no isolated incident or rare occurrence.

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    Protecting the Shield with integrity and honor

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